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Calcium & Magnesium

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Calcium & Magnesium

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Getting enough calcium, magnesium and vitamin D is essential to building strong healthy bones and to keep them strong and healthy as you age.

180 Tablets

Only 8p per tablet
360 Tablets

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720 Tablets

Only 7p per tablet


A Balancing Act for Joint Health

  • Each daily dose of 2 tablets provides 800mg of Calcium, 400mg of Magnesium and 5µg of Vitamin D3.
  • Supports overall bone health and bone mass density.
  • Supports improved muscle and nerve function.
  • Regulates inflammation.
  • Calcium and Magnesium have a complimentary relationship and the ratio between the two is most critical. Most importantly, calcium cannot be routed and utilized to its utmost without sufficient magnesium. This superior formula will ensure that you get enough calcium; magnesium and vitamin D that may help maintain stronger and healthier bones. The regular consumption of these minerals may help improve your skeletal and muscular systems.
  • What is Calcium with Magnesium? Our Calcium & Magnesium may help build strong and healthy bones. An essential mineral, Calcium, is required for strong bones healthy blood pressure, and proper muscle contraction and relaxation. Calcium also activates a number of enzymes, aids in vitamin B12 absorption and is needed for proper blood clotting. Magnesium, an essential mineral that helps maintain muscle and nerve function, helps support a healthy heart rhythm, strengthens bones, and bolsters a healthy immune system. These minerals play equally important roles, but simply opposite each other. Calcium is required for the contracting of muscles, whereas magnesium is needed to relax them. Calcium strengthens and hardens bones, but magnesium provides the elasticity needed to keep them from shattering. Calcium stimulates nerves while magnesium soothes them. Our high quality formula with added vitamin D can help promote bone strength, cell structure growth and overall joint health.
  • Two tablets daily – 3 months’ supply in one pack. Each charming, recyclable paper mono-carton, has 180 tablets, in easy-to-remember, pharmaceutical-style blister packing to preserve freshness of the product. Blister packing reduces the chance of missed doses or double doses, you get the right medication at the right time. Looking at the remaining blister counts, you know whether you have taken or missed a dose, and the blister packing provides the convenience of organizing your medication for you. Taking care of you and the environment!!!MADE-IN-UK – BUY MADE IN UK - unlike those cheap, inferior quality, low-cost country sourced competitor products.
  • High quality product from a GMP certified, UK-based manufacturing plant.
Typical per daily dose % EU NRV
Vitamin D 5μg 100
Calcium 800mg 100
Magnesium 400mg 106
NRV – Nutrient Reference Value    
Additional Information

Additional Information

Made In UK Yes

Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone, Hydroxy propyl Methyl Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Colour: Titanium Dioxide, Cross-linked Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, Glycerol, Talc, Cholecalciferol.

Age: No
Sex Suitable for Men, Suitable for Women
Allergens: No
Form Tablet
Dose: 2 a Day
Veg Status: Suitable for Vegetarians
Offer Text No