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  1. Regina Royal Immune Complex

    Regina Royal Immune Complex

    Availability: In stock

    587 in stock

    From Regina’s collection, we bring to you our superior formula Royal Immune Complex that combines ingredients known for their incredible antioxidant and natural immune enhancing properties. ... View Product
    90 Tablets

    Regular Price: £17.95

    Special Price £17.05

    Only 19p per tablet
    360 Tablets

    Only 20p per tablet
    720 Tablets

    Only 19p per tablet
    1440 Tablets

    Only 18p per tablet

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  2. Regina Royal B

    Regina Royal B

    Availability: In stock

    154 in stock

    Maintaining energy levels and brain functions, Regina Royal B packs Niacin, Riboflavin and Pantothenic Acid and other B vitamins with 100% Propolis Extract that maintains overall immune function and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.... View Product
    90 Tablets

    Only 24p per tablet
    270 Tablets

    Only 23p per tablet
    540 Tablets

    Only 23p per tablet
    1080 Tablets

    Only 21p per tablet

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  3. Regina Royal Comfort

    Regina Royal Comfort

    Availability: In stock

    288 in stock

    Each spray contains 165mg of 100% pure Propolis extract made in a blend of sweet orange oil, mint oil, aqua and glycerine base.... View Product

    Only 90p per

    Only 88p per
    120 ml

    Only 86p per m
    240 ml

    Only 81p per m

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  4. Regina Royal Nectar

    Regina Royal Nectar

    Availability: Out of stock

    Each bottle of Regina Royal Nectar 700g (500 ml) of pure honey, fresh Royal Jelly, and bee pollen extract fortified with vitamins.... View Product
    500 ml

    Only 8p per m

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    Out of stock