Whether you are looking to increase your energy, boost your mood or wish for help dealing with a more specific health concern, our wellbeing range has it covered.

  1. Co-Enzyme Q10 100 mg: 90 softgels

    Co-Enzyme Q10 100 mg

    60 Softgels


    Our Co-Enzyme Q10 may help maintain energy levels for a reliable heart rate.

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  2. Rawleigh Antiseptic Salve

    This is the one to reach for when an instant and easy-to-apply antiseptic formula is needed. 

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  3. Regina Honeybee Propolis: 60 Tablets

    A complex bee by-product collected from honey bee hives with over 250 natural compounds including: minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids. The bees make more than just honey, propolis is a sticky substance bees produce and is packed with beneficial nutrients and antimicrobial properties. Regina Honeybee Propolis tablets can be chewed or taken with water.

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  4. Pine Bark Extract 100mg : 60 Capsules

    Our Pine Bark Extract 100mg contains pure extract of the highest quality.

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  5. Regina Premium Royal Jelly: 90 Capsules

    Royal Jelly is one of nature's richest sources of concentrated nutrition. This amazing substance created by honey bees contains 22 amino acids, is high in B-complex vitamins, and also contains vitamin C, protein, and trace minerals and enzymes.

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  6. Regina Premium Royal Jelly: 30 Capsules

    Regina Premium Fresh Royal Jelly capsules contain fresh royal jelly delicately blended with acacia honey, cold pressed wheat germ oil, and a little beeswax, all sealed in a gelatine capsule to ensure freshness and purity. The combination is readily absorbed by the body because it is in its natural form.

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  7. Super Multivitamins & Minerals: 180 Tablets

    Super Multivitamins & Minerals provides 100% ECRDA of key vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B6.

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  8. Vitamin B12 & Folic Acid: 90 Tablets

    This combination of essential B Vitamins can help you feel less sluggish and more energised. 

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  9. Iron 14mg Ingredient Information

    Iron 14mg

    90 Tablets


    Sufficient iron intake is crucial for moving oxygen via red blood cells around your body.

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  10. Vitamin D & Garlic: 60 capsules

    Vitamin D & Garlic

    60 Capsules


    It's widely known that a lack of vitamin D can be attributed to insufficient sunshine on our skin. Our vitamin D combined with odourless garlic

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  11. Goji Berry: 120 Capsules

    Goji Berry

    120 Capsules


    The super food, goji berry, also known as wolfberry, is rich in antioxidants and contain 11 essential and 22 trace minerals, 18 different amino acids, and 6 essential vitamins.

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  12. Turmeric Plus: 60 capsules

    Turmeric Plus

    60 Capsules


    Our Turmeric Plus has added ginger and aloe vera to help generate increased absorption.

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  13. Regina Royal Concorde 10 Phial Pack

    Regina Royal Concorde

    10 Phial Pack


    Regina Royal Concorde is a revitalising tonic that combines high quality fresh royal jelly, and Korean Ginseng to provide an all-natural mild energy boost before, during, or after strenuous physical or mental activities. Many travellers have also reported positive benefits when taking it after a long flight.

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  14. MSM Max 1000mg: 60 Tablets

    MSM Max 1000mg

    60 Tablets


    Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is responsible for connective tissues and could help rebuild cartilage. A regular intake of our high quality 1,000mg tablets may relieve joint pain and stiffness.

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  15. Slendeze Acai Plus: 60 Capsules

    Slendeze Acai Plus

    60 Capsules


    Our combination formula of acai berry, guarana, green tea and green coffee extract could help burn off unwanted calories or maintain a healthy weight.

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  16. Pomegranate Extract: 60 capsules

    Pomegranate Extract

    60 Capsules


    As a rich source of polyphenols (an antioxidant) and flavonoids Pomegranate can help maintain blood flow.

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