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Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Women go through many different stages in life from pregnancy to the menopause. Each stage of a women's life can put extra stress on the body and mind, we stock a variety of supplements to help provide support throughout these times.

  1. Berryotix Plus

    Berryotix Plus

    Availability: Out of stock

    A blend of 60mg of vitamins, 500mg of cranberry extract and the good bacteria Lactobacillus Rhamnosus View Product
    60 Capsules

    Only 17p per capsule

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    Out of stock

  2. Evening Primrose Oil 1,300mg

    Evening Primrose Oil 1,300mg

    Availability: Out of stock

    Rich in omega 6 fatty acids for incredible health benefits. View Product
    90 Capsules

    Only 15p per capsule
    180 Capsules

    Only 14p per capsule
    360 Capsules

    Only 13p per capsule

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    Out of stock

  3. Regina Royal Concorde

    Regina Royal Concorde

    Availability: In stock

    2020 in stock

    Regina Royal Concorde - 10 phials, a revitalising tonic that combines high quality fresh royal jelly, and Korean Ginseng to provide an all-natural mild energy boost before, during, or after strenuous physical or mental activities. Many travellers have also reported positive benefits when taking it after a long flight.... View Product
    10 Days

    Only 280p per day

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  4. Turmeric 515mg

    Turmeric 515mg

    Availability: In stock

    285 in stock

    Our new Turmeric 515mg vegetarian capsules contain 481mg curcuminoids. View Product
    90 capsules

    Only 28p per capsule
    180 capsules

    Only 27p per capsule
    360 capsules

    Only 25p per capsule

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  5. MultiShe Plus

    MultiShe Plus

    Availability: In stock

    327 in stock

    MultiShe Plus is a blend of Multivitamins (with Vitamin B Complex) and Minerals. As the name suggests MultiShe Plus is a product specifically designed for women who are looking for a complete range of vitamins and minerals in one convenient tablet.... View Product
    90 Tablets

    Only 10p per tablet
    180 Tablets

    Only 10p per tablet
    360 Tablets

    Only 9p per tablet

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