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Flexeze Fortify

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Flexeze Fortify

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Flexeze Fortify contains the key ingredient Fortigel®, a high quality form of collagen hydrolysate that helps promote regeneration of cartilage tissue.

30 Sachets

Only 120p per sachet



  • EUROPE’S Leading Brand!!!
  • Today, every fourth person suffers from joint problems and the number is constantly increasing. The principal cause is wear and tear of the joint cartilage brought about by age, over exercise and stressed joints. But there is help available for those in need of joint support. Fortigel® is an innovative ingredient for the management of joint cartilage. Collagenous protein makes up nearly 70% of cartilage mass. Optimized specific collagen peptides of Fortigel® have been proven to support cartilage by stimulating cells helping manage joint discomfort and keep the joints smooth and mobile. By keeping people physically active and mobile, Fortigel® can improve quality of life.
  • Fortify is a delicious, orange-flavoured, easy to consume drink, containing 10g of  Fortigel® –collagen hydrolysate and 60mg of Vitamin C
  • Each pack includes 30 sachets, take one sachet a day, 1 month supply in an environment friendly and responsible pack - each recyclable paper mono-carton. Take care of you and the world around you!!!
  • The effectiveness of Fortigel® has been scientifically proven in numerous studies. According to published research, orally administered Fortigel® is absorbed intestinally and accumulates in cartilage. The ingestion of Fortigel® supports cartilage tissue metabolism. The studies confirm that the intake of Fortigel® results in supporting mobility in healthy individuals. In a separate study, the analysis of the cartilage scans revealed a statistically significant support for proteoglycan density in the medial and lateral tibial regions of the Fortigel® treated subjects compared to the placebo group. Results indicate that oral supplementation of Fortigel® has a direct impact on human cartilage tissue.
  • The results of another study conducted by the University of Freiburg, Germany demonstrated the efficacy of a daily intake of 5 g Fortigel® in the support of gon- and coxarthritis conditions. After only 3 weeks of oral administration of the product a statistically significant support in pain, stiffness and physical function could be observed. Moreover, this positive effect of Fortigel® persisted and was even more pronounced after 6 and 12 weeks of dosing, confirming the mobility support.
  • Chronic Disorders of the Joints With more and more research on osteoarthritis (OA) many studies have shown that collagen hydrolysate produces incredible benefits. One study showed that collagen hydrolysate may help patients who are suffering from OA. A clinical trial of 24-weeks revealed that participants who consumed collagen hydrolysate as a supplement, showed improvement in joint pain. It also suggested that collagen hydrolysate may reduce the risk of joint deterioration. Another study showed that collagen hydrolysate could be used for long term to address symptoms of chronic disorders. In the study, it appeared to have an additive effect and is perceived as a therapeutic agent to potentially use in the treatment of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.
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Per daily consumption of one sachet provides: %RDA
Vitamin C

60mg 75
Collagen Hydrolysate 10g -
Additional Information

Additional Information

Made In UK No
Ingredients: Collagen Hydrolysate – bovine source (Fortigel®), Citric Acid, Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid), Orange Flavouring, Sucralose (sweetener), Food Color Yellow E160A (colour).
Age: Suitable for 31-40, Suitable for 41-50, Suitable for 51-60, Suitable for 51-60, Suitable for 61-70, Suitable for 71-80, Suitable for 81-90, Suitable for 91-100
Sex Suitable for Men, Suitable for Women
Allergens: No
Form Powder
Dose: 1 a Day
Veg Status: Not suitable for Vegetarians
Offer Text No