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We bring to you Omega-3 1,100mg a rich source of 110mg DHA and 165mg EPA. Curated with the highest quality standards whilst being sustainably sourced.

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A delicious orange-flavoured drink that contains Vitamin C and Fortigel® - a high-quality form of collagen hydrolysate that may help improve areas of stiffness, pain and physical functions in individuals suffering from various joint disorders.

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TGVC Blogs

  1. 9 Easy Tips to Improve Your Gut Health!

    9 Easy Tips to Improve Your Gut Health!

    Gut health is essential. There are around 40 trillion bacteria in our body, most of which are found in our gut. Collectively known as the gut microbiome, they are incredibly important for your overall health. Our gut health is linked to many chronic diseases, so keeping your gut healthy is one way to prevent illnesses in the long run.  To...
  2. 5 Simple Tips to Keep your Joints in Check!

    5 Simple Tips to Keep your Joints in Check!

    Healthy joints can help you stay mobile, active and flexible as you age. Although, this does not happen overnight. There are some things you can do to support your joints throughout your life. The most beneficial, however, is joint health supplements. TGVC offers a wide range of joint care supplements that may help you combat all kinds of joint and...
  3. TGVC’s Microbiome-based Supplements for Optimal Health!

    TGVC’s Microbiome-based Supplements for Optimal Health!

    Microbiomes are a collection of microbes that naturally live on our bodies and inside us. Even though microbes cannot be seen through the naked eye, they contribute in a huge way to human health and wellness. They may protect our body against pathogens, help strengthen our immune system and also benefit our digestive tract. When we get an infection, there...
  4. Friendship: From heart to health

    Friendship: From heart to health

    Yes, friends play a major role in our lives. Some may even say that their good friends are the most important people in their lives. A person you can laugh, cry and share everything with is precious, but did you know that there are health benefits of friendship as well? Humans are social beings and it is very important for...
  5. 5 tips for healthy joints

    5 tips for healthy joints

    Just like we ignore our car servicing dates until the “check engine” light starts blinking, we often ignore our health ‘till we start facing some problems. It is usually the case with the joints. If your joints are functioning well you may not be worried about them- yet taking command of your joint health is significant for keeping them strong...
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