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Joint Health

Joint Health

Our joints go through a lifetime of wear and tear and depending on how balanced our nutrition is there are many factors which can determine how well our joints cope with the stresses and strain we put them through. At The Good Vitamin Company we have a range of joint health formulations, manufactured using the finest ingredients.

  1. Flexeze Fortify

    Flexeze Fortify

    Availability: In stock

    5476 in stock

    Flexeze Fortify contains the key ingredient Fortigel®, a high quality form of collagen hydrolysate that helps promote regeneration of cartilage tissue.... View Product
    30 Sachets

    Only 120p per sachet

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  2. Flexeze Extended Action

    Flexeze Extended Action

    Availability: In stock

    543 in stock

    With its unique time-release action, Flexeze®  Extended Action is a slow-release glucosamine and chondroitin formula. ... View Product
    90 Tablets

    Only 25p per tablet
    180 Tablets

    Only 24p per tablet
    360 Tablets

    Only 24p per tablet
    720 Tablets

    Only 22p per tablet

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  3. Flexeze


    Availability: In stock

    2308 in stock

    Combining glucosamine with chondroitin's properties for promoting joint movement, Flexeze® original works well with Flexeze® Fortify for added cartilage support.... View Product
    90 Capsules

    Only 16p per capsule
    270 Capsules

    Only 16p per capsule
    540 Capsules

    Only 15p per capsule
    1080 Capsules

    Only 14p per capsule

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