Mother - a teacher for life. You have dedicated your life to us, you are selfless, strong, and supportive.  It goes without saying that a mother is the most precious gift we have in our lives. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we would like to honour and celebrate the mothers and grandmothers who fill our lives with love and support.  We bring to you our Regina Royal Jelly - the all-natural nutrition straight from the beehive. Royal jelly is a protein secretion derived from the glands of the young worker bees exclusively for the Queen Bees!. Our key ingredient, premium royal jelly is sourced responsibly from the finest. It is delicately blended with acacia honey, cold-pressed wheat germ oil, and a little beeswax. It is then sealed in a gelatine capsule to ensure freshness and purity.  Benefits of Royal Jelly Royal Jelly, referred to as the fountain of youth, helps; 
  • Manage Skin photo-ageing 
  • In the production of Red Blood Cells
  • Manage Neurodegenerative and Gastrointestinal health
  • Manage menopausal challenges 
A mother’s love is an ideal example of freshness and purity. Let's feel loved with a daily dose of Regina Royal Jelly!