Global ageing can be seen as both an attainment and a challenge. 

According to the World Health Organization, people worldwide live longer, and the number of people 60 years and older is increasing rapidly.​

But even though people are living longer, they are not necessarily living better. Global life expectancy today is 72 years of age and on average a person will live nine years or more of those in suboptimal health, which in turn impacts a person’s overall quality of life. This has increased the number of years elderly adults need care and are dependent on others.  

Given this, there is a global need to address the Healthspan-Lifespan Gap and to take measures to extend the span of healthy life. The good news is that healthy ageing is becoming more relevant. But you may ask, what is healthy ageing? 

Ageing is a notion nobody can pass on. But healthy ageing is manageable. With healthy ageing, our focus is on the better physical and mental well-being of the body. 

Recent studies show that consumers are becoming more focused on positive ageing, seeking to adopt long-term approaches to their health with the hopes of prolonging the years of healthy life.

Line Johnsen, Senior Vice President of Human Health and Nutrition R&D and Regulatory Affairs at Aker BioMarine says, “With healthy ageing at the forefront, there is great potential for older generations to stay healthy, mobile and independent for as long as possible”

Cellular Health Supports Healthy Aging

Simply put, the term ‘cellular health’ means keeping the body’s cells in their best shape. The body’s overall health is dependent on the cells in the body and whether they are functioning to their fullest potential. Without healthy cells, our tissues and organs can become compromised. This may lead to illness and disease. 

By protecting our cells through preventative lifestyle measures and supplements we can help mitigate the impact our lifestyles have on our ability to age gracefully and healthily.  

People of all ages are now being more proactive to extend their health span and are turning to supplements in areas such as heart, cognitive and joint health.

Krill Oil Phospholipids for Cellular Health

As the natural, integral parts of our cells, phospholipids help maintain the strength, flexibility, and integrity of cells and cell membranes. 

Each cell in our body is wrapped in a membrane called the phospholipid bilayer. Krill oil phospholipids work on a cellular level and provide cellular health benefits. With krill oil, Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are linked to phospholipids and after consumption, these essential long-chain fatty acids are incorporated into the cell membranes in all tissues of the body. Superba, a popular krill oil ingredient, is a multi-nutrient complex that works at the cellular level with head-to-toe health benefits. In fact, Superba Krill oil is backed by science with over 50 published human clinical trials.

Krill oil Phospholipids Slow Down Ageing and Improve Life Quality

In a recent study, research teams from the University of Oslo, Oslo University Hospital and Akershus University Hospital used nematodes and human cells to investigate if krill oil can slow down the ageing processes. The study concluded that krill oil does in fact promote healthy ageing by counteracting many processes that drive ageing such as: 

  • suppressing the accumulation of oxidative DNA damage counteracting the loss of mitochondrial membrane potential and function
  • suppressing senescence (the loss of cells’ ability to grow and divide)

The nematodes that received krill oil did not lose as many nerve cells in the brain as they got older. They, therefore, preserved both memory and neuromuscular function and were generally much more active.

Previous studies have focused on the scientific aspects of healthy ageing from a joint and muscle standpoint.

Krill oil benefits the body with its phospholipid advantage, resulting in better absorption of omega-3s. While omega-3 has been a well-known health and nutrition supplement, it also benefits the phospholipid form. Not all forms of omega-3 are equally effective. It comes down to how much of that omega-3 is actually being absorbed at a cellular level. As phospholipids are naturally occurring in humans, our bodies recognize them, which means that more omega-3 from krill is absorbed and able to benefit our cells and tissues.

In conclusion, as people worldwide continue to live longer, the concept of healthy ageing will continue to become more relevant. This will encourage the older population to continue seeking ways to pursue healthier, active lifestyles, improving the quality of their elderly years.

With the rise of healthy ageing awareness, we can assume that consumers will direct their attention toward supplements. The ones that help maintain vitality, maintain strength and support cognition. It’s pronounced that a supplement such as Krill Oil phospholipids, which targets health on the cellular level, is essential for your health when it comes to overall wellness and healthy ageing. ​

All of the recent research conducted with Superba Krill oil on healthy ageing is promising and helps manage healthy ageing with the other multiple health benefits like heart, joint, brain, eye, liver health, etc.